Maintenance care package

All treatments with the Osteopath will be the standard follow up care package lasting 45 minutes (unless otherwise stated). When treatment has been successfully completed the Osteopath will discharge you with the ‘all clear’. Once you have been discharged he will offer you the choice to move over to the maintenance care package program.


This is a program he decided to introduce in order to allow more flexibility and more affordability.

The program is designed for those that do not have any immediate complaints or issues but wish to keep a good standard of health. Maintenance treatments are preventative and should not be confused with the standard Osteopathic treatment.

If the outcome occurs that you are on the maintenance care program but suddenly develop symptoms or have an accident, then it is important to move back to normal treatments. This will guarantee you get the best care.

If 3 months pass between treatments you will automatically be move back to normal Osteopathic treatments, unless otherwise agreed with the Osteopath. 

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